Ghost of Tshushima quick review

Ghost of Tshushima - Jin with Sora his horse

Others may share the sentiment — or maybe the opposite will be said — but this is my favorite game of all time. As I played, it grew on me, until I fell in love. It’s a beautiful world with colorful, lush environments. The story is straightforward yet engaging. The gameplay is top notch. The combat is amazing, especially the...


New grading system

Hello everyone. I took a long time off from writing content for this site, or games, in general. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest is just that I cannot keep up with many of the large outlets. I never could. I take my time playing games, and I jump around a lot. I also wait until some...


Get Black Desert Online for free until March 2

black desert online guardian class

The base edition of Black Desert Online is completely free as long as you “purchase” before the end of the promotional period (March 2). You can get it either through the regular site with the standard client, or via Steam. Personally, I recommend getting it through the regular client, but if you like to keep all your games in one...


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on the Epic Games store

kingdom come deliverance combat screenshot

If you didn’t already know this, the medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is totally free on the Epic Game Store. Regardless of your feelings about the Epic Store, this is an amazing game (one of my all-time favorites), and definitely worth grabbing at the amazing price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All the DLC is on sale too, across several storefronts. If...


Final Fantasy XV: Costlemark Tower Loop

final fantasy xv

I jumped back into Final Fantasy XV to finish up the trophies I never earned. One of those trophies was, of course, to collect the thirteen royal arms and the last I needed was in Costlemark Tower. But when I got to the final area of the labyrinth, I activated the last stone elevator and ended up stuck in a...