Finally made it to 50, yay

Black Desert Online - Level 50 Sorceress

After several tries, I finally took down Qoobe and jumped my Sorceress to level 50 in Black Desert Online! I now have about five or six alts too, and have absolutely fallen in love...


Mobius Final Fantasy is the shit

Folks seem to lament Sqeenix’s shift to mobile, and justifiably so. I’m not a fan of free-to-play titles, especially when it comes to ridiculous IAP. And let’s be honest, the game I’m about to talk about...


New God of War, yes please

Yes. Yes. Yes. Hm, alright. Sweet! Oh yes. Fuck yeah. Come at me bro. The gods are listening! Nice. How touching. Oh now that’s fucking awesome! Dragon FTW. And in case you missed out,...