Microsoft and Sony may be directly competing for our attention and hard-earned money, but we’re the ones who really benefit in the long-haul if competition is healthy.

Seriously, Microsoft did a complete 360 (pun intended) and reversed DRM policies for the Xbox One because of consumer backlash. They realized pretty quickly that if things were left as-is, potential Xbox One owners would either defect to Sony’s side of the battlefield, or they just wouldn’t purchase the console at all.

Regardless of all that junk above, it’s still interesting to see stats that compare two rival products. According to Gamestop -regarding their PowerUP Rewards program- there are 1.5 million members on the Playstation 4 first-to-know list, while there are only 700 thousand members on the Xbox One list. Of course, that could have everything to do with how Microsoft was handling DRM policies for their console in the past, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Gamestop CEO Paul Raines also said that the next-gen console launch -set for holiday season- will be “the largest […] in history.” All of this was mentioned during the company’s Q2 2013 investors call, which took place earlier today.

What do you make of this news?

Via: VG247