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Vanquish coming to PC?

Vanquish screenshot

A lot of games have been getting the PC port treatment lately, Bayonetta is a great example. Recently, a Vanquish avatar was added to the port of Bayonetta’s ‘Extras’ folder. It would seem that...


Why are you so quiet dude?

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! It sure seems like I post sporadically on here, huh? That’s because I do! Lately, there hasn’t been much worth posting that’s why I’ve been so quiet. Not...


New God of War, yes please

Yes. Yes. Yes. Hm, alright. Sweet! Oh yes. Fuck yeah. Come at me bro. The gods are listening! Nice. How touching. Oh now that’s fucking awesome! Dragon FTW. And in case you missed out,...


July, 2015 PS Plus free games announced

Looks solid! I’m excited for Rocket League and Styx. Of course, Geometry Wars on the go will be great too. I’ll have my yay or nay ready for this month’s lineup later next week.