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Being a cop in Skyrim must be tough

While traveling through the serene world of Skyrim, questing and adventuring away I often wonder one thing in particular- what is it really like to be a cop in the realm? I mean seriously,...


How the news will work

Hopefully, it’s obvious that Vulgamer is a bit different from other sites. I want it to be the black sheep of the gaming family, no really I do. If you didn’t know that already...


Have Nintendo “Fixed” StreetPass? Nope.

You might have heard that Nintendo has just sent out another firmware update for their only successful machine, the 3DS. In this latest update is what people are calling a “fix” for StreetPass outside...


Tales of Illyria is the shit, yo

Tales of Illyria

I had the privilege of writing game content for a video game. I know, I can’t believe someone hired me either. Of course, I was only one of many writers on the team, but...