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Briley’s Weekend Haunts [September 21-22]

Well, I’d say it’s pretty fucking obvious what I’ll be playing for the majority of my weekend. That being said, there will be some other lovely titles sprinkled in there because I tend to get bored if I stick with one game for too long. What can I say, I have a bad case of OCD. I’m pretty sure you...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [August 17-18]

It seems like every time I unleash one of these things I spend a little time talking about a Humble Bundle. This time it’s because of the Humble Origin Bundle, which is packed with a fuckton of awesome EA games. What’s not to love about it? Plus, all the money that would normally be going to EA or Origin is...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [July 13-14]

Ah! The fucking Steam Summer Sale is here! It’s that wonderful time of year (and there are two) where gamers, geeks and nerds alike go apeshit over the crazy sales. Many people complain that they will probably never play the games they purchase, and I definitely understand. There are a lot of games in my Steam library that I have...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [June 8-9]

Guild Wars 2

Life often catches up with you, that much we all know to be true. Lately, between working my ass off and spending time with those I love I haven’t had many chances to do what I enjoy- which is play video games. It happens to most of us, eventually you become a responsible adult, and you run out of time...