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Vulgamer Q&A: Hey guy, let me ask you a few questions

I decided it was a good time to sort through some questions I’ve received from folks who are interested in the site. No point in wasting time, I’ll jump right in. However, I’d like to warn you beforehand that I may have answered some of these questions in the past within my content, if so I apologize. Why do you...


Vulgamer theme update

You may have noticed I updated the theme. Since my posting schedule is so sporadic, I wanted a new design that reflects my writing style. The new theme is more social-like, allowing me to post status updates like this one. From now on I will be posting regularly even if I don’t publish new articles, reviews and news blurbs. It’s...


How the news will work

Hopefully, it’s obvious that Vulgamer is a bit different from other sites. I want it to be the black sheep of the gaming family, no really I do. If you didn’t know that already then the point was just shoved down your throat, but I don’t feel the least bit sorry for it. My goal is to make this a...