All of the ‘Sea of Junk‘ quests seem to be something of an issue, probably because they all require you to collect rare items. What I find most interesting is that I exhaust the gathering locations in every map yet I still have a hard time finding the materials for these quests.

This time we’re taking a look at the Sea of Junk (2) quest, which has you gathering three rubies. In my experience I usually only find one ruby per map, which means you’ll likely need to play a mission several times before you can gather all of them.

Toukiden - Sea of Junk 2 quest

Generally, you can use the collection records option – visible from the Start menu – to find which age items can be collected in (you have to be in the guild hall to see it). The problem is, if you’ve never scavenged the item before the records menu is useless. Worse yet, your Tenko will not be able to collect items on a scavenger run that you haven’t previously found in the world. In other words, you need to actually pick up a ruby before you can take advantage of those perks.

Once you pick up a single ruby on a mission your Tenko should then be able to find them in the correct age.

Toukiden - Ruby record entry

The ruby materials can be found in the Age of War. There are a lot of different missions that take place in the Age of War, but the first time you’ll encounter it is in chapter 2. I recommend playing the Red Hooked Executioner mission which has you slaying sickleclaws. You can play either the singleplayer version of the mission from chapter 2, or you can play online – in single or multiplayer.

That being said, any mission that takes place in the Age of War will do. The ruby is actually a level 1 material so in theory it shouldn’t be too hard to find, but it can be a real pain in the ass.

Here are the other quests in the series: