It’s not often that we see a franchise spin-off that isn’t a complete flop. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is one such spin-off of the aptly named Metal Gear series. It clearly ditches the slower strategic gameplay, and adopts more of a hack and slash in-your-face action attitude.

You play as Raiden, a beefed up cyborg ninja dude who’s on a mission to kill a lot of baddies. No, seriously that’s pretty much the gist of the story right there. It’s a little more involved sure, but you’re not going to pick up this game because you love the plot.

The boss battles are brilliant, high-octane affairs quite remniscent of the true Metal Gear titles. Although, they require a lot less thinking and more slicing which is something that Kojima would probably never allow in Metal Gear 5.

Yes, you fight a Metal Gear.

Metal Gear Rising blood and gore

The game is far from perfect, in fact it has a heap of flaws that become more evident as you play through it. That being said, it’s a shitload of fun. Probably the best mechanic is the freeflow blade slicing move which can be activated using a single button. After dispatching enemies you can slice them up into tiny bits- Slapchop style! Vince Shlomi would be damn proud.

I actually spent a lot of time slicing up trees, boxes and various elements from the environment. That’s right, I spent a lot of time fucking off in this game. I would say that’s the true test of fun and adventure right there, when a game allows you endless pleasure doing something monotonous. Seriously, if you pick it up go chop up some shit it’s a lot of fun!

The difficulty levels have a way of ramping up on occassion, and some of the baddies you fight are just plain aggravating. Seriously, the Black Crocodiles in the sewer are fucking relentless! You can barely get in a swing or two before they’re knocking you on your ass.

Of course, you can purchase upgrades and weapon powerups by collecting a rather unconventional currency, which comes in the form of cyborg body parts. If you pull off a slice-up combo at just the right time you can activate a timed event that allows you to rip out cyborg innards, thus saving them for your own upgrades.

Metal Gear Rising ripping out cyborg parts

Unfortunately, the replayability rating of this game is remarkably low unless you want to play over and over just to slice shit up. Some of the cutscenes are ridiculously stupid too. Raiden dons a sombrero and a tiny ass shoulder poncho to remain insconspicous while he moves from his vehicle to a sewer grate that’s not even five feet away. Meanwhile, a cyborg dog animal thing walks besides him nonchalantly. I’m sure some may get a chuckle out of the situation itself, but personally I didn’t find it as comical as the devs intended.

No, I’m not a schmuck I laugh at plenty of things. Like your face.

Anyway, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is worth a playthrough and since it’s quite short you can rent it feasibly. Don’t begin the experience by expecting it to be a true Metal Gear spin-off, because it’s almost nothing like Kojima’s legendary titles. That’s not a bad thing though, for most of us.

Metal Gear Rising Raiden's armor

As a final note, I’d like to confess that I never had anything against Raiden- even when he showed up in Sons of Liberty looking like a prissy blonde chick. Now all that “la le lu le lo” bullshit, that’s a different story altogether, so let’s not go there.