Hail, bitches. I’m Briley, and I run this site. You may not care who I am and that’s okay, but if you’re going to read the stuff here you should probably get to know me — I write pretty much all of it, duh. If anything, you should get to know my game preferences, because it will help you decide which reviews you’ll agree with and which ones you won’t.

Vulgamer is just one of many — out of like a bajillion¬†— video game oriented sites. I don’t really care about the filler, and there are no clear-cut goals. It’s pretty much a no-holds-barred, anything goes kind of place. Comment on my shit. Bookmark the page. Make paper cutouts of the banner and burn it in a pile of filth.

As they say in the cool people world, do what the fuck you gotta do. Just keep comin’ back.

If you want to get in touch with me for anything, then head over to the contact page. Makes sense right? Pretty standard shit, yet for some reason I felt like it needed to be said, or written, or… whatever, you know what I meant!