Hello everyone. The web host for Vulgamer migrated to a new set of servers and it screwed up the database install for the site, mainly because of the plugins being used. Not that you need to know any of that crap, but because of it I was not able to login to the backend of the site which also meant I was not able update new content until I took care of the problem. As you can see, the issue has been fixed and I can go back to doing what I do best – blathering on about video games.

While I was busy fixing the issues, I figured I might as well migrate the site to the main domain too. As you can see, the entire site can now be accessed by visiting Vulgamer.com directly. For some reason, when I first installed the files the application felt it necessary to add a sub-directory for content.

Long story short, I’m kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. Fuck yeah! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, which is probably just a bunch of bullshit.