It’s been a couple months since I did one of these, because to be honest I haven’t been playing games much lately. For October I have no real excuse, but November is my birthmonth so I was busy. Just accept that and get the fuck over it.

This weekend, I’ll be playing a bunch of Vita games because I just got one- duh. I’ll also be checking out some of those Humble Jumbo Bundle games on Steam. Let’s get started bitches.

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush-Kat moving through the air

This game is fucking amazing. The mechanics are so godamn simple, but soooo much fun. You play as a girl named Kat who can manipulate gravity. Her task is to protect the people in a steampunk style world, which is starting to fall apart because of some mysterious anomalies. It gets a little more complicated than that but the story is pretty well done.

The gameplay is even better. You tap a button to shift gravity and tap it again to fly in the direction of the cursor. Land on a surface while your gravity gauge is being depleted and you can run all over walls matrix style, just like if you were standing upright. You can collect special monetary gems which can be used to level up various stats and skills, and for the most part the world is open leaving you free reign.

For a portable game, it really doesn’t get any better than this. I absolutely adore the comic style scenes mixed with full scale action sequences. The control mechanics even make great use of the extra Vita functionality, like the tilt sensor, touch screen and more.

If you have a Vita and you’ve never played this game, you’re missing out!

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice- black rite in use

Two of my favorite games for the PSP were Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The latter title was the best, and when paired with the English patch from Team Maverick One it was fully playable. Problem is, I’m not going to repurchase a digital copy of Freedom Unite for my Vita when I already own the UMD. The 3rd game isn’t even available in the US, which sucks balls. There is a workaround which involves buying the PS3 HD remake (imported) and then transferring to Vita from the console but I don’t own a PS3 so…

The Vita doesn’t have many Monster Hunter style games, just Ragnarok Odyssey which is fairly new (I’m waiting for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace which is a re-release with new content coming in February, 2014) and Soul Sacrifice. That being said, Soul Sacrifice is one hell of a game. I would even dare to say it’s on par with Monster Hunter in terms of quality. The gameplay styles are completely different, but that’s okay. Soul Sacrifice offers a fresh experience, and the level based system is perfect for portable gaming!

You play as a sorcerer, coincidentally trapped by another evil, and more powerful sorcerer. In your cage is a talking book, named Librom. It basically tells you the story of Magusaar, the evil sorcerer who’s trapped you. You relive his experiences through a series of story based levels. Then, just like Monster Hunter you can play side quests to earn loot.

The loot is a bit different in Soul Sacrifice, but I’m not going to dive into that right here and now. Just know that it’s a top notch game and worth owning if you have a Vita. I picked up the physical copy on Black Friday, but it was also just added to the Playstation Plus free games list.

There is cooperative online game mode but you need an online pass in order to play. It comes free with a boxed copy, but if you buy used you’ll have to pay $9.99 for it through PSN. Keep that in mind.

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden- battle in progress

You can see my review of Persona 4 here. I don’t have much else to say about the game that hasn’t already been said. I’m loving the persona collection features, as it reminds me of a more mature style of pokemon. Go play it if you like RPGs with any meat on their bones.

Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2- tower defense in progress

I bought Sanctum 2 on the cheap thanks to the Humble Jumbo Bundle. I’ve had the first game for quite some time and I love it. The second game is a massive improvement on the first, so naturally I love it too.

It’s a tower defense, first-person shooter mashup that you can play cooperatively online with up to three other friends. Nothing more to say about it really, except that the sci-fi style visuals are fantastic.

Going to Get My Game On

That about does it for this weekend. I’ll probably play a few other games here and there, because I rarely stick with one title for long. Since you already have my gamertags and profile particulars, you can pay attention to what I’m doing if you really want to be a creep. I’m just kidding, but it would be weird if you followed every single thing I did. That’s what we call a stalker.