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This GPD Win 10 mini PC is like a Vita for PC Gamers

GPD Win 10 PC sitting

Yes, there’s the Nvidia Shield and Shield Tablet. Yes, there are several comparable devices you could go after, but they aren’t powered by Windows 10. They don’t include a full QWERTY keyboard AND a built-in gamepad either. The GPD Win 10 PC Game Console absolutely does, however. It’s an extremely portable mini PC running Windows 10, unhindered, unhinged, uncensored, if...


The Vita charging dock is only $12 on Amazon

If you own a Vita, the charging dock is a convenient way to charge the battery. It also functions as a stand, if you watch movies or stream videos on it. I use it to play games – I throw the Vita on the stand and play – but only turn-based games, nothing fast-paced. I wouldn’t recommend doing this though,...