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Opinionated [The Division]: This is my jam

The Division is a slow burn. There’s really no other way to describe it. I played the hell out of the Beta when it was available, and I picked up the Gold Edition of the game which – as I’m sure you know – launched yesterday. Do I regret purchasing the season pass up front now that the game is...


Opinionated: If you’re being a twat, stop it

One odd habit that I have is when someone talks shit, throws out an insult or is just being a fucking twat I feel the need to offer credentials. This is silly, and I know I’m not the only one that does it. I don’t owe trolls a damn thing and I certainly don’t need to explain myself to strangers...


Opinionated: Why I’m excited for Toukiden

I’m a Monster Hunter guy. I realize some gamers out there hate the genre, but I’m not one of them. Recently, I downloaded the Toukiden demo from PSN to my PS Vita. I’ve been jonesing for a Monster Hunter style game for a while, and Soul Sacrifice doesn’t really scratch that itch. Soul Sacrifice is a fantastic game in its...


Opinionated: Sony should team up with the CFW scene

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd starting village

Since I purchased my PS Vita, one of the games I’ve constantly had the desire to play is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you already know I’m a huge MH fan. The problem is, my UMD copy of MHP3 is not compatible with my Vita. Even if it was, there is no...


Opinionated: How the Vita saved gaming [for me, duh]

PS Vita in use

Touch controls are the fucking worst. I don’t care what mechanics a game has, if the controls utilize touch for movement, aiming or any combination of the two I hate it. I’m on the development team of Tales of Illyria, a choose-your-own-adventure/oregon-trail style RPG for Android. Why am I touting that? Our game doesn’t use touch controls for movement. We...


Opinionated: Why I’m okay with being an anti-social gamer

I do enjoy playing games with others, most importantly family. My little brother and I are separated by an ocean as he’s currently stationed in Aviano, Italy. That means when we get a chance to play games together I dive right in. That being said, I’m definitely an anti-social gamer. I prefer to spend a majority of my time plowing...


Opinionated: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, destroyer of friendships!

I normally prefer to play multiplayer games. I feel that a social element is only beneficial to the whole entertainment experience. However, sometimes it’s a gambit, and this is one of those times. A lot of people I meet think of themselves as true contenders when it comes to this game, which is why battles get so heated.¬†The funny thing...