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BlueMaxima’s Top 100 Vita games

If you just picked up a Vita or if you’re considering it, then this video will introduce you to some of the best games on the system. Also, I’m embing his video because I’m lazy as shit and don’t feel like putting together a massive list like this, so thanks BlueMaxima! 😀


What’s on My PS Vita

I see a lot of these posts on Reddit and all over the internet pretty much, figured I’d weigh in and show off what’s on my Vita. The first screen — which isn’t pictured here — includes all the standard apps that come pre-installed on the Vita like Trophies, Content Manager, Settings, Browser and the PS Store. It’s not interesting so...


Toukiden update (1.01) and Soul Sacrifice DLC now available

An update has been released for Toukiden which includes two crossover DLC missions featuring Soul Sacrifice content. To get the update, open Toukiden on the Vita homescreen and tap the blue refresh button. You should see an update icon appear in the top left, after which you need to download and install the update. Any game saves created or upgraded...


Opinionated: Sony should team up with the CFW scene

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd starting village

Since I purchased my PS Vita, one of the games I’ve constantly had the desire to play is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you already know I’m a huge MH fan. The problem is, my UMD copy of MHP3 is not compatible with my Vita. Even if it was, there is no...


Getting my Vita on

So, I went ahead and bought a PS Vita. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I could never justify dropping the money. Since I have all of my gaming consoles (and desktop) hooked up to my living room TV my play time is pretty much over once my fiance gets home. The Vita will allow me to keep playing...