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This is a reminder to keep multiple saves

fire emblem three houses title screen

I’ve been playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses and having a blast. For some reason, I picked “Classic” mode when starting my game and paid no attention to what it meant. It took me until the start of Chapter 6 to realize that students/units you lose in battle you lose forever — unless you’re playing on casual, which I wasn’t....


Finally made it to 50, yay

Black Desert Online - Level 50 Sorceress

After several tries, I finally took down Qoobe and jumped my Sorceress to level 50 in Black Desert Online! I now have about five or six alts too, and have absolutely fallen in love with this game. More on my experiences soon!


Whoops, my bad

Apparently, a spam plugin was interfering with the comments feature on the site. If you tried to leave a comment before and got smacked across the fucking face with an error code give it another try. Sorry about that!


Don’t be afraid to reach out

The traffic has picked up a lot on the site. I just wanted to take a moment to welcome anyone coming here for the first time. Also, if you need help with something don’t be afraid to reach out. Generally, I only post guides for the things I’ve needed help with in a game or at places where I’ve gotten...


Excited for Bloodborne

Bloodborne! Six days! Can’t wait! I will be recording my play-through and uploading the highlights. Although, I don’t intend to do anything special to compete with all the other Let’s Players out there. I probably won’t do much in the way of commentary either, other than a quick intro.


Thank you Akihabara Games!

I received my replacement 64GB Vita Memory Card today! They take forever to ship internationally (not the sellers fault)! Anyway, Akihabara Games sent me some chopsticks and a candy bar as a consolation for my troubles. While it does suck to lose a lot of your save data, this [sort-of] makes it just a little bit better. Thank you Kaori and...


Finished Dragon Age: Inquisition

Finally, I finished up Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ll throw up a few more videos of my last couple dragon fights and the secret [Solas] ending. Stay away from that ending if you haven’t played through the game yet — or plan to sometime in the near future. I also pre-ordered Bloodborne. It happens to be one of my first pre-orders...


PSN critics sale

With the current PSN Critics’ sale going on I was curious which of these three games were the best to buy: Shadow of Mordor Wolfenstein: The New Order Alien Isolation I’ve had a chance to play all three before making the purchase decision which is where I have the advantage — most people haven’t. That said, I came to the...


My 64GB Vita memory card went rogue

My 64GB Vita memory card went rogue on me, and I lost everything including hundreds of hours of save game files. Let this be a lesson to you all, make sure you enable cloud save backup for each game individually on the Vita. It doesn’t matter if you have it enabled in the settings menu. You have to visit the...