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Vulgamification [State of Decay]: Not your typical zombie game

State of Decay is not a run-of-the-mill survival horror zombie game. To be honest, that’s perfectly fine with me. While I love the Walking Dead and all things zombie (I loved zombies long before that- no bandwagon hopper here), I have to admit that I’m quite zombie-d out. In that regard, I’m over the whole -run around a linear path...


Vulgamification [Darksiders II]: What the first game should have been and more

Darksiders II is a complete amalgamation of everything that the first game should have been. The world is expansive and open, the quests are engaging and fun and the gameplay is refined. One of the most interesting things about the second game is that you can actually outfit your character with different equipment and weapons, ultimately resulting in separate character...


Vulgamification [Metal Gear Rising Revengeance]: A whole lot of slicing and dicing, without all of the “la le lu le lo” shit

Metal Gear Rising splash
Vulgamification [Metal Gear Rising Revengeance]

It’s not often that we see a franchise spin-off that isn’t a complete flop. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is one such spin-off of the aptly named Metal Gear series. It clearly ditches the slower strategic gameplay, and adopts more of a hack and slash in-your-face action attitude. You play as Raiden, a beefed up cyborg ninja dude who’s on a...


Vulgamification [Dragon’s Dogma]: An honest rundown

Every gamer has their specialty right? It’s a type of game or genre which they tend to migrate to, and utterly adore. My specialty is RPGs, or as the nerds like to call it- “roleplay”. I’m not entirely sure why I migrate to RPGs most, maybe it’s because they provide me with a true escape into fantasy realms I’ll never...