This isn’t at all gaming related but that’s okay. This past week I’ve been dealing with a PC issue, particularly since my computer was stuck in a Windows boot loop after a power outage. It would POST fine, and begin booting, but as soon as that little spinning logo for the Windows boot (Windows 10) showed up, it wouldn’t go anywhere else. The little spinny guy would just sit there doing his spinny thing for hours and hours and… well, you get it. A motherfuckin Windows boot loop.

I tried a few different things, including a CHKDSK and SFC /SCANNOW after booting into safe mode and even restoring an earlier recovery image. For a time it wouldn’t even boot into safe mode so I had to use the recovery menu and activate the command prompt that way.

Nevertheless, I narrowed it down to either a power supply or hard drive issue. It turns out it was a failing hard drive, but here’s the funny part. It’s not my main drive with the Windows installation on it that was the problem. It was a secondary drive, that had no applications installed on it, just files as a backup. For whatever reason, it was causing the boot loop.

Anyway, removing the drive and adding a new SSD fixed the boot problem for me. If you run into the issue, this might help or it might not. Technology can be fickle.

Back to gaming everyone. No more Windows boot loop.