Square Enix announced a new game in the Dragon Quest series, which is actually a spinoff called: Dragon Quest Builders. The premise is that players will help rebuild the world of Alefgard — Dragon Quest fans will undoubtedly recognize the name — after it has been ravished by the evil Dragonlord.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing you’ll see is that it uses a similar building style to Minecraft. Players will be mining rare materials and goods from the world — including from the ground — to return the world to normal. In normal Dragon Quest fashion, we’ll also be fighting monsters likely to collect even more crafting materials.

It sounds fucking awesome¬†and looks just as great. Here’s the kicker, it’s a Playstation console exclusive coming to PS4, PS3 and — WAIT FOR ITT — PS Vita.

The game will launch in Japan some time by the end of this year. Let’s hope it comes West soon too.

Check out the gallery for the rest of the screenshots.