My intention was to self host this blog somewhere, but I’ll be perfectly honest- I don’t feel like paying the hosting fees. Eventually, I’ll have to give in and cough up some money, but for right now, I’m good. Yes, I use a metric¬†fuckton of commas, get over it.

That being said, the site has a pretty shitty domain name and Facebook flags the fucker as ‘spam’ whenever I try to share a link. Go figure.

Anywho, what I’m getting at is- I originally planned to host the site elsewhere and start generating content (in layman’s terms that means I was going to start writing shit). Because I couldn’t find a suitable host the site was pretty quiet. I want to get started so fuck it, I’ll use this site as the main domain and when I come across something better I’ll move everything la vida loca style. I’m not entirely sure why I just threw a Ricky Martin reference in there, seeing as I don’t even really like the guy. Oh well.

In summation, bla bla bla, blady fucking blah, game on!

Update (August 2013): In case you haven’t noticed the site has been moved to a dedicated host. Keep calm and carry on folks.