It’s moments like yesterday when I press that familiar “purchase” button that I realize I’m drowning in my backlog. Thanks to platforms like Humble Bundle and Steam, with all of those crazy deals my game library just keeps growing and growing. The amount of unfinished content is piling up, and it’s really starting to bog me down.

When I clicked purchase yesterday, I came out of the ordeal with eight spanking new games. Some of which I have played before on Xbox 360, others I have yet to even start.

I can’t make it through a day without thinking, “fuck man, I really have to finish that one game.” Until now, it’s been difficult to get my head wrapped around doing such a thing. Especially, since real life has a tendency to come calling. Then I remembered, “holy fucking shit I totally have the resources to do this!”

You see, back in January of this year I signed up for a little site called The Backloggery. The idea behind it is brilliant! You keep track of all the games you have in your collection, and you also keep track of which ones you’ve finished. It’s an aside to things like Steam or Xbox Live where you can track achievements and all that jazz. Instead of tracking milestones, you’re straight up tracking game progress- and by game progress I mean, did you finish that shit or not?

BrileyK Backloggery profile

There’s a whole spin behind the site, with the idea that some evil character named BAK’LAAG is out to get slacker gamers who can’t finish their collection.

I’m no fool. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to complete my entire collection or backlog, that would take more than a lifetime. That being said, there’s something rewarding about going back through your game library on the site and throwing up that silver or gold coin for the “completed” status.

If you’re plagued by much of the same, you should definitely go check out the site. It’s quickly becoming one of my goto web portals besides Vulgamer, of course.