I jumped back into Final Fantasy XV to finish up the trophies I never earned. One of those trophies was, of course, to collect the thirteen royal arms and the last I needed was in Costlemark Tower.

But when I got to the final area of the labyrinth, I activated the last stone elevator and ended up stuck in a loop. Every time I followed the path down to the last room I ended up having to fight 3 red giants, and a Naragini. That shit took me forever the first time, let alone the additional times I tried to pass through.

It turns out, there’s a fork when you’re moving down the pathway. At one point the path branches off to the right or straight ahead. If you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss because it’s the only branch. If you go right, like I did, you end up fighting the same baddies over and over.

Don’t go right.

That’s the tip, it will save you hours of playtime, trust me.

This is a good guide if you need a visual aid: