If you’re here reading this, you’re probably wondering, where to find the griffin Dozmare.

As part of the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest, I was looking everywhere for this damn griffin, but Dozmare is elusive as fuck. I probably could have Googled a guide, but most of these sites are a pain in the ass to deal with. Also, because you’re looking for a Caer Norvent area, it’s not exactly straightforward where you need to go. There is a Caer Norvent obelisk that you can fast travel to but that’s not the right place.

Where to find the griffin Dozmare for the FFXVI hunt

Final Fantasy XVI Lostwing where to find the griffin Dozmare from Lostwing

To find Dozmare, instead travel to Lostwing. Then, you need to leave through the southwest path heading up the stairs and into the Norvent valley.

Final Fantasy XVI Norvent Valley map

Once you make it all the way through the valley, near the Caer Norvent River Gate, Clive will say something about the griffin and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Final Fantasy XVI griffin battle area where to find the griffin Dozmare

Head into the battle area and Dozmare will show up.

Final Fantasy XVI Dozmere griffin battleground

First, you’ll see him peeking his head over the far wall and once you get close enough a cutscene will play, and he’ll jump down to attack.

Final Fantasy XVI Dozmere griffin on caer wall

It’s a tough fight but not any harder than what you’ve already encountered up until this point. I’m not sure about level scaling but Dozmare was level 28 when I fought him, and that’s precisely what level Clive was at the time too.

Happy hunting.

Final Fantasy XVI where to find the griffin Dozmare, after defeat