So, I went ahead and bought a PS Vita. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I could never justify dropping the money. Since I have all of my gaming consoles (and desktop) hooked up to my living room TV my play time is pretty much over once my fiance gets home. The Vita will allow me to keep playing while she enjoys her shows (if you can call them that- pure drivel if you ask me).

I picked up the Wal-Mart Solution Bundle which includes the Walking Dead PS Vita pack (console, 4GB memory card, and Walking Dead digital voucher), a media stand/body case, an additional game (I chose Persona 4 Golden), and an 8GB memory card for $228. It came to a total of about $248 after taxes. Still, that’s not bad at all and the best part is that I’ll actually be able to enjoy playing the thing as soon as I get it without having to drop even more money on games and a memory card.

Of course, I plan to pick up Soul Sacrifice, Dragon’s Crown, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Ragnarok Odyssey sometime soon. Black Friday is coming up so I’ll probably nab those games on sale if I can. Gamestop is supposedly having a deal on Vita memory cards too, so I might get a larger card.

Why do you care? Well, you can expect a whole lot more coverage on the Vita front since I’m invested now. I won’t focus on just Vita news, but that should be a given.

Anyone out there have recommendations for other Vita games I should buy?