Others may share the sentiment — or maybe the opposite will be said — but this is my favorite game of all time. As I played, it grew on me, until I fell in love. It’s a beautiful world with colorful, lush environments. The story is straightforward yet engaging. The gameplay is top notch. The combat is amazing, especially the stand-offs. It all comes together to create one of the best AAA and open-world games to date.

In case anyone was wondering, I loved it so much I got the Platinum trophy, and I also completed everything there is to do in the game, beyond just getting trophies.

Ghost of Tshushima's colorful, lush, and vibrant world.

The main story is about 20 hours, while doing a complete run will take anywhere from 30 to 50 hours. There are no microtransactions, and all armor, saddle, and gear customizations can be purchased in-game by gameplay.

Price Recommendations

Jin taking out a Mongol in Ghost of Tshushima with the Samurai Red photo mode filter.

It’s worth noting I bought the physical special edition at launch.

  • $70 – If you have the money, yes.
  • $60 – Yes!
  • $50 – For sure.
  • $40 – Great deal, so yes!
  • $30 – Damn, are you in for a treat!
  • $20 – Hell to the yeah!
  • $10 or less – BUY IT NOW!!