Grand Theft Auto V is still sitting neatly on my shelf of games, collecting dust. I can’t remember the last time I booted it up. Seriously, those load times are abysmal for GTA Online.

But if you own the game then you know, it’s had a long, surprising history of free content updates. Unfortunately – or fortunately if its your thing – they’re only for the online portion of the game. Still, it’s crazy to think the game is STILL getting updates. That’s certainly more than you can say for most comparable titles. To be fair, Rockstar has probably made a killing on those damn shark cards which afford in-game currency.

Regardless, a new update is available now which introduces Tiny Racers. It’s billed as a “retro style adversary mode” and looks a hell of a lot like the old school GTA games. The camera is in a top-down position and you see, naturally, tiny vehicles racing on tracks. Still, pretty cool concept, even if it’s not all that original.

Good on you Rockstar.


What do you think? Do you still play GTA V on the regular?