Hopefully, it’s obvious that Vulgamer is a bit different from other sites. I want it to be the black sheep of the gaming family, no really I do. If you didn’t know that already then the point was just shoved down your throat, but I don’t feel the least bit sorry for it.

My goal is to make this a mature portal, and as such I will be covering interesting content on the gaming industry in an unfiltered environment.¬†As you can see, the reviews will be short and sweet, and they will all be personalized by the writer in some way (I don’t intend to have many writers). I’m not going to touch star ratings or number scores, because those are fucking lame. Instead, I’m going to avoid those tried and true review mechanics like the bubonic plague.

Naturally, you’d expect me to do something a bit different for news, right? Well yes, but the content itself should be familiar in many ways. I’m going to cover news just like any other site does, except it will be less frequent and more personalized.

One thing in particular I’m not going to do, is cover the big events and expos. Fuck that shit, I’ll leave that to the big guys. They cover it fairly well anyway.

My focus will remain on news stories I feel passionate about, after all this is my site. If you want streaming edge then go somewhere else. I’m not going to specialize per se, and I will not go crazy covering every single news piece. I’m just one dude, probably sitting around in my underwear and there’s no reason for me to even try to cover every news tidbit or rumor. That’s just fucking ridiculous.

If you are reading this and have interest in the site, feel free to jumpstart discussions on any of the existing content. Maybe if there’s a demand for it, I’ll implement a suggestion feature where you can send me some story ideas.

Vulgamer is young, and the beauty of sites in their infancy is that they have the potential to grow to almost anything. I’m definitely excited to see where it goes, and in the future I may even decide to cover a bit more. Who knows?

For now, I’ll stick to the most interesting stuff which has nothing to do with PR-centric events. Hell, you may even find me at a geek expo in the future, but I sure as hell won’t be covering it.