By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Sony announced several new Playstation Vita branded products at the Tokyo Game Show, which took place yesterday.

Of course, the Playstation Vita itself is getting a new redesign which will bring a much slimmer model to market, now utilizing a non-OLED LCD display. That’s pretty cool sure, but it’s not the news that sent gamers into a frenzy.

The real spotlight belongs to the PS Vita TV. It’s a $100 micro game console (think OUYA but better) that includes the same power potential as the portable PS Vita. It plugs directly into your HDTV, and is controlled via a DualShock 3 controller. It will play PS Vita games (both physical and digital) and downloaded PSP and PS One games from PSN. Even better, it can play Playstation 4 titles through a unique Remote Play feature as long as the next-gen system is connected somewhere in the house. That’s right folks, you can leave your PS4 in the living room and setup a PS Vita TV in the bedroom to play games when your misses wants to “cuddle”.

Of course, since no touch based controls are offered, only games that don’t require a touchscreen will be compatible with the micro console. In addition, we’ll see media streaming support through parties like Netflix, YouTube, and Sony’s Music and Video unlimited services.

PS Vita TV front

A bundle will be introduced to the market that includes the console, an 8GB memory card and a DualShock 3 compatible controller for about $150. That’s not bad at all, considering the PS Vita alone is about $200. Okay, I take that “not bad” back. Holy shit that’s fucking awesome.

Let’s be perfectly clear, Sony is not marketing this thing as a standalone console. Developers will not be producing exclusive content for it, but that’s okay. That’s why the PS Vita TV will almost certainly have some kind of success. Just the fact that you can quickly access nearly the entire backlog of PSP, PS One and PS Vita titles for playback on an HDTV is motivation enough. If that doesn’t excite you, then the PS4 streaming capabilities most certainly will.

Of course, the drawback is definitely going to be the storage support for digital content. Sony almost always uses some type of propietary external storage media, which is sure to be overpriced. That means storage will be hard to come by for a lot of PS Vita TV owners. Then again, it’s not a blind hope to believe that Sony may one day revamp their stance on external storage components and make them more affordable.

What do you think of the PS Vita TV? Do you want one?

UPDATE: Welp. It sure seems like Sony fucked up with the launch of the PS Vita TV in Japan. It’s a shame because the concept really is amazing.

Via: Sony