I normally prefer to play multiplayer games. I feel that a social element is only beneficial to the whole entertainment experience. However, sometimes it’s a gambit, and this is one of those times.

A lot of people I meet think of themselves as true contenders when it comes to this game, which is why battles get so heated. The funny thing is, I can count the number of friends it is “safe” to play this game with on one hand.

Even if the match ends, a fight has just begun!

There is something about battling as Earth’s greatest heroes, that brings out the competitive spirit of most nerds. Hell I bet even Gandhi would raise his voice if someone came at him with a team comprised of Hulk, Wolverine, and Dante. So, here are some tips to keep your games civil and face-punch free.

Picking the strongest characters with the cheapest fucking attacks is just rude, I don’t care how good you are with them. A match gets tedious and completely one-sided after you hear “HADUKEN” a dozen times. It’s better sportsmanship (and makes for a better match) when you at least try to balance your team.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Iron Fist kicking Dante

I have my own formula I like to follow to keep my team balanced. It involves three simple terms: powerhouse, leader, and blaster.

The leader is always one of your best characters, usually a medium sized and pretty balanced fighter. Personally, I like to use Iron Fist because what he lacks in range, he more than makes up for with power and quickness (WATAAAAAA).

The powerhouse is pretty self explanatory, and even if you don’t know this character’s moves, their strength can more than make up for it. This is usually a job for Hulk, Thor, Nemesis or anyone big who can dole out the pain.

The last ingredient in this molotov cocktail of ass-kicking, is the blaster; someone who’s frail, but can keep the enemy at a distance. Now I already know what you’re thinking, but you should be ashamed for it! You might as well be cheating when choosing Phoenix (Jean Grey), but no matter what anyone believes she is filthy good and that’s a cold hard fact.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ghost Rider against Dante

Not only will a system like this help you learn new characters and balance the odds, but a diverse team can also make for interesting combo attacks. If you introduce a friend to the game and bring out the air attack combo, you might as well enter witness protection because that friend is gonna’ beat your ass out of spite.

What are some of your favorite characters and combinations to play? Don’t even bother to say Phoenix Wright…..dick. Do you have any game tips of your own?