One of the first things I did in my few nights at the Abbey, in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, is explore nearly everything. In fact, in the early game, I explored the entire property, minus locked-out areas, one of which happens to be Wanda’s Hex behind Shaw’s Church.

At some point, after you explore the church grounds, you’ll access an area behind it. In this area is a blocked-off cave, protected by a magical hex that Wanda has supposedly created. You can’t get past its pinkish, red glow until you reach a certain party of the story. I admit, I was wracking my brain trying to find a way past, but the only thing you can do is advance the story until you reach this particular point.

How to Get Past Wanda’s Hex

The first thing you’ll need to do is advance the story, which means continuing to do story missions every time you get the chance. When you eventually get to the mission The Bell Tolls you’ll be tasked with collecting a sample of symbiote goo during the mission. I won’t go into details to avoid major spoilers, but after you return to the abbey from that mission, successfully, is when everything kicks off to remove Wanda’s seemingly impenetrable hex. I encountered that mission about 20 days in, just for reference.

You’ll need to study the sample at the forge, and when that’s done Doctor Strange will pull you aside and talk to you about how to proceed. From there, it’s fairly straightforward.

Just to recap:

  • You can’t get past Wanda’s hex until you complete a certain story mission.
  • That mission is called The Bell Tolls.
  • When the mission is over you’ll need to study the Vial of Symbiote at the forge.
  • After the research is done, Doctor Strange will pull you aside and talk to you.

That’s it. There’s more to the Hiram Church mystery and finding the third moon seal, of course, but at least now you know it’s all a waiting game to get past Wanda’s wonky hex.