Hello everyone.

I took a long time off from writing content for this site, or games, in general. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest is just that I cannot keep up with many of the large outlets. I never could. I take my time playing games, and I jump around a lot. I also wait until some titles are on sale to purchase them. This has always left me behind the curve.

I wanted to started writing about my experiences again, but in a helpful, concise manner. That makes it fast for you to read, and fast for me to write. That way, I can get back to work, or games, or being a Dad to two lovely littles.

From now on I’m going to use a new grading system for the site (no, I never truly used a grading system in the past). Instead of giving games a score, I’m going to briefly talk about my experience and my thoughts, and then I’m going to list value per price points.

At a glance, this should allow you to see if it’s worth grabbing at a particular price.

Game on, bitches.