I absolutely adore The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but then again who doesn’t? However, there is one thing that I feel is missing — two if you count the player storage.

Player storage may be coming soon

Luckily, one of the issues might be fixed in the next update, patch 1.07 on PC and 1.06 on consoles. CD Projekt Red’s Community Coordinator Marcin Momot recently said the team is trying to push out the next big patch as soon as possible:

Yes. We are working on it. No hold up. The update is quite large so everything needs to be tested properly.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

He also said that something is coming in the “quite large” update in regards to the inventory, and it should make a lot of people happy.

I won’t get into super details here but something is in the works and it should please a lot of people.

When asked if he was talking about a storage chest of some kind, Momot responded with, ““I know but I can’t say. Sorry.” A winking smiley at the end of the reply suggests that’s his way of confirming without officially confirming.

I suppose we’ll find out what the big surprise is soon enough.

A dwelling from the Skellige Isles in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

What else do you think is missing?

Aside from player storage, I would really love to see some kind of customizable player home. If you need an example, I mean something like Skyrim’s Hearthfire expansion. I know to some it’s a gimmick but hear me out.

There’s Kaer Morhen sure, but you don’t get access to it until much later in the game. It’s also not customizable in the way that I would like.

Imagine a stand where you could display that elite armor you worked so hard to find, despite the fact that the stats are now way below what you would consider effective for your level. What about a weapon rack where you can show off that awesome sword you collected in the wild? Seriously, there are some badass looking swords in this game.

If you want to get practical, consider a garden or alchemy station where you could collect the resources you need most. You could hire a merchant, or a Mastercraft blacksmith to hang out near your home for quick access.

There are plenty of other ideas for a customizable player home floating around in my brain, but I’m not going to write them all out. The list would get pretty ridiculous.


What do you think? Stupid idea or would you like to see something like this come to the game at a later time?