Android game round-up [April 2017]

War of Crown promo image

Around the same time last year, I revealed some free to play Android games I have in my regular rotation. Now, keep in mind, I’m not sitting around all day playing these games. While they’re certainly addictive, I dabble a little here and there when I’m trying to waste a few minutes. Sometimes, it’s while I’m sitting in the waiting...


GTA still getting new shit, Tiny Racers update available now

Grand Theft Auto V Tiny Racers Update for Online

Grand Theft Auto V is still sitting neatly on my shelf of games, collecting dust. I can’t remember the last time I booted it up. Seriously, those load times are abysmal for GTA Online. But if you own the game then you know, it’s had a long, surprising history of free content updates. Unfortunately – or fortunately if its your...


This GPD Win 10 mini PC is like a Vita for PC Gamers

GPD Win 10 PC sitting

Yes, there’s the Nvidia Shield and Shield Tablet. Yes, there are several comparable devices you could go after, but they aren’t powered by Windows 10. They don’t include a full QWERTY keyboard AND a built-in gamepad either. The GPD Win 10 PC Game Console absolutely does, however. It’s an extremely portable mini PC running Windows 10, unhindered, unhinged, uncensored, if...


Vanquish coming to PC?

Vanquish screenshot

A lot of games have been getting the PC port treatment lately, Bayonetta is a great example. Recently, a Vanquish avatar was added to the port of Bayonetta’s ‘Extras’ folder. It would seem that Vanquish might be next to get the port! The game was originally available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 only, which is unfortunate because it was...


Why are you so quiet dude?

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! It sure seems like I post sporadically on here, huh? That’s because I do! Lately, there hasn’t been much worth posting that’s why I’ve been so quiet. Not because there isn’t news worth talking about. There’s always a shit ton of gaming news, but so many other sites cover these details there’s just no...


Finally made it to 50, yay

Black Desert Online - Level 50 Sorceress

After several tries, I finally took down Qoobe and jumped my Sorceress to level 50 in Black Desert Online! I now have about five or six alts too, and have absolutely fallen in love with this game. More on my experiences soon!


The Vita charging dock is only $12 on Amazon

If you own a Vita, the charging dock is a convenient way to charge the battery. It also functions as a stand, if you watch movies or stream videos on it. I use it to play games – I throw the Vita on the stand and play – but only turn-based games, nothing fast-paced. I wouldn’t recommend doing this though,...


Mobius Final Fantasy is the shit

Folks seem to lament Sqeenix’s shift to mobile, and justifiably so. I’m not a fan of free-to-play titles, especially when it comes to ridiculous IAP. And let’s be honest, the game I’m about to talk about does have some ridiculous IAP schemes going on. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a pretty fun game, and you can get...