Although it’s not 100% clear how the program will work, Valve just announced a rather promising feature for Steam called Family Sharing. When it finally launches, you will be able to share most of your Steam library with friends and family. That means, anyone with a Steam account will be able to play games from your library, as if they are borrowing physical copies. That includes support for achievements, and steam cloud [game saves].

Of course, there are going to be stipulations in place to prevent abuse. Furthermore, not all games will be shareable. According to Valve, games that require an additional key, third party account or subscription will not be available for remote sharing. In addition, once you authorize someone’s device they have access to the entirety of your library. There is no way to specifically define which games you’d like to share.

Since you own the game,  you will always be able to access and play your content. If someone you lent a game to is playing and you decide to launch the same title you will have precedence. The other user will receive a warning to purchase the game in order to continue playing, or they will have sufficient time to quit.

Of particular import is the following question and answer:

Will I be punished for any cheating or fraud conducted by other users while playing my games?

Your Family Sharing privileges may be revoked if your library is used by borrowers to conduct cheating or fraud. We recommend you only authorize familiar computers you know to be secure.

I’m sure you have lots of questions and you would like to know more info about the service, so I’ve included the link to the official Steam page. Hit up the appropriate source link below.

The Steam Family Sharing Beta is set to launch sometime mid-September which is right around the corner. You can also visit the same source page for information on how to sign-up for Beta access. Only about a thousand Steam accounts will be chosen to test out the service when the Beta starts, so get in there ASAP if you want to be one of the first.

Via: Steam (Valve)