You probably know it by now, but Vampire Survivors is a top pick for the Steam Deck, and it’s beloved by the community. It’s this fantastic automatic fantasy RPG where your character throws out a variety of attacks and you run around collecting power-ups and loot. But if you’ve ever wished the visuals were upgraded, even just a little, let me introduce you to Scarlet Tower.

Like Vampire Survivors, it’s an auto-attack RPG where you run around, kill enemies, collect XP until you level up, and then pick upgrades to kill enemies faster. It’s fun, it’s addictive, and Scarlet Tower takes the formula to a whole new level. It has been getting free updates, like VS, which add new content including new maps, new characters, abilities, enemies, and so on. I’m not entirely sure when the developers plan to stop supporting this one, but for now everything is fantastic.

It is in Early Access for now, but one of the most recent updates — Bloody Gates in October — added two new maps, a few bosses, over 24 new enemies, a bunch of new achievements, some new weapons, and even new mechanics like new world NPCs to encounter, new fusions, world quests, and world talents to pick up. There is so much to love here and if it’s your first time playing an auto-battler you’re going to love it. The next major update, version 1.0, will include a new hero, and endless play mode, and quite a bit more. I’m excited.

Check it out.