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Opinionated: Sony should team up with the CFW scene

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd starting village

Since I purchased my PS Vita, one of the games I’ve constantly had the desire to play is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you already know I’m a huge MH fan. The problem is, my UMD copy of MHP3 is not compatible with my Vita. Even if it was, there is no...


Here’s a PS Vita, now give it back or we’re going to tell the authorities

PS Vita Tearaway bundle

The title to this post probably doesn’t make much sense, but neither does the situation it describes. Due to an “error in [their] warehouse” online retailer Zavvi sent a bunch of customers the PS Vita Tearaway bundle who had in fact only purchased the game. In other words, customers paid about $40 (give or take) for the PS Vita game...


Opinionated: How the Vita saved gaming [for me, duh]

PS Vita in use

Touch controls are the fucking worst. I don’t care what mechanics a game has, if the controls utilize touch for movement, aiming or any combination of the two I hate it. I’m on the development team of Tales of Illyria, a choose-your-own-adventure/oregon-trail style RPG for Android. Why am I touting that? Our game doesn’t use touch controls for movement. We...


Emulation Gaming [Android]: Games that work great with touch controls

Over the weekend we took a road trip and spent some time in St Augustine. Long story short my fiancee and I were checking out potential wedding venues. It involved a two and a half hour car trip and lots of down time. That left me with plenty of time to get some gaming in, especially since I worked ahead...


Tales of Illyria is the shit, yo

Tales of Illyria

I had the privilege of writing game content for a video game. I know, I can’t believe someone hired me either. Of course, I was only one of many writers on the team, but I promise I wrote some pretty cool shit. The game is finally available, and it’s pretty badass. Unfortunately, it’s only playable on Android devices at the...