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Vulgamification [Darksiders II]: What the first game should have been and more

Darksiders II is a complete amalgamation of everything that the first game should have been. The world is expansive and open, the quests are engaging and fun and the gameplay is refined. One of the most interesting things about the second game is that you can actually outfit your character with different equipment and weapons, ultimately resulting in separate character...


Grand Theft Auto V features voiceover work from ‘real’ life gang members

Let’s get something straight, the Grand Theft Auto series has never been grounded in true realism. I mean sure, plenty of elements have been borrowed from the real world. In other words, the developers have certainly used realistic influences to create a fictional environment. So, it does come as a bit of a surprise that Rockstar took a more realistic approach...


Emulation Gaming [Android]: Games that work great with touch controls

Over the weekend we took a road trip and spent some time in St Augustine. Long story short my fiancee and I were checking out potential wedding venues. It involved a two and a half hour car trip and lots of down time. That left me with plenty of time to get some gaming in, especially since I worked ahead...


Borderlands 2 is coming to the PS Vita

Sony announced during their Gamescom 2013 presser that Borderlands 2 is coming to the PS Vita. Yes folks, that’s right. Gearbox’s incredibly successful RPG-shooter hybrid will be making it’s way to a handheld device. Fucking awesomeeee. There’s no word yet on how the DLC will be handled, or if it will even be available. I suppose now is a better...


Vulgamification [Dragon’s Dogma]: An honest rundown

Every gamer has their specialty right? It’s a type of game or genre which they tend to migrate to, and utterly adore. My specialty is RPGs, or as the nerds like to call it- “roleplay”. I’m not entirely sure why I migrate to RPGs most, maybe it’s because they provide me with a true escape into fantasy realms I’ll never...


Briley’s must-have PSP titles: Yes, you care

PSP 3000 in silver color

I’m always on the go. Most of my trips can be attributed to my current academic career. The community college I attend has several different campus locations spaced out within my area. Between commuting to classes, and jumping back and forth between my girlfriend’s place and mine, it’s safe to say I don’t get to stay in one location for...