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Opinionated: Sony should team up with the CFW scene

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd starting village

Since I purchased my PS Vita, one of the games I’ve constantly had the desire to play is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you already know I’m a huge MH fan. The problem is, my UMD copy of MHP3 is not compatible with my Vita. Even if it was, there is no...


Let’s face it, the PS Vita TV is pretty fucking amazing for Playstation lovers

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Sony announced several new Playstation Vita branded products at the Tokyo Game Show, which took place yesterday. Of course, the Playstation Vita itself is getting a new redesign which will bring a much slimmer model to market, now utilizing a non-OLED LCD display. That’s pretty cool sure, but it’s not the news...


Briley’s must-have PSP titles: Yes, you care

PSP 3000 in silver color

I’m always on the go. Most of my trips can be attributed to my current academic career. The community college I attend has several different campus locations spaced out within my area. Between commuting to classes, and jumping back and forth between my girlfriend’s place and mine, it’s safe to say I don’t get to stay in one location for...