I thought this Vita ad was pretty fucking hilarious.

Update: So, apparently this ad was pulled. Some folks are upset because it promotes a “certain type of gamer.” I would never tell someone that what they find offensive is wrong, because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I think it just goes to show everything messed up with the community. Sometimes the sensitivity is just ramped up way too much.

You are entitled to say it’s offensive. I’m entitled to say it’s comical. I didn’t take it seriously to begin with and as a gamer my thoughts did not wander to it painting my group, demographic, people — or whatever the fuck you want to call it — as super masturbating, mysogynistic pricks.

I looked at it for what it is, a silly fucking ad. Do I agree with everything said in it? Hell fucking no.

Please keep in mind, when I say “sometimes” sensitivity is a little too high, it refers to this particular situation. There are always two sides to a fence. In other cases there are very serious racial, sexist and downright shallow things going on.

In this case it’s a silly ad. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Don’t share it. Let it go.

If someone not associated with gaming looks at this ad, then looks at me gaming and likens it to masterbating often — something tells me their line of thinking is a little off anyway.