Are you wondering where the hell the Bloody Baron’s wife Anna is in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

Depending on how you complete the quest Family Matters you may — or may not — run into this problem. I know I did and it caused me to run around the Crookback bog like a batshit crazy person for hours on end.

Bloody Baron in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Where Is the Baron’s Wife Anna?

At one point during the quest, you’ll have the option to visit the Bloody Baron’s daughter in Oxenfurt. Another objective will tell you to search for signs of his wife Anna in Crookback bog. This is the point where I went crazy searching the area for more clues as to her disappearance.

Finish the rest of the quest-line naturally, by locating the Baron’s daughter Tamara and then returning to Crow’s Perch to talk to him.

Once that’s done you can move on to his wife. You’ll need to complete the quests Hunting a Witch, Wandering in the Dark and Ladies of the Wood to continue. Once those are complete, the rest of the Family Matters quest will finish up organically.

The reason I’m not delving into the particulars of each quest — and what you have to do exactly to find Anna — is because I want to avoid spoilers. Just know that you can ignore the objective about searching for Anna and complete everything naturally. You won’t be missing out story-wise.