I’ve been playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses and having a blast. For some reason, I picked “Classic” mode when starting my game and paid no attention to what it meant.

It took me until the start of Chapter 6 to realize that students/units you lose in battle you lose forever — unless you’re playing on casual, which I wasn’t.

Fuck. Whoops.

It’s at this moment I also realize that I should have kept multiple saves, but I didn’t. Stupid, I know, but I’m neurotic about keeping things clean sometimes and in this case I like to keep just one save file and one autosave. Yeah, don’t do that.

Obviously, I couldn’t revert to an earlier save where my students are alive because I had replaced them.

I restarted from scratch and this time I will be sure to keep my units alive. I’ll also be keeping multiple saves. It’s also a good idea in case your main save files are corrupted somehow, which does happen.

You probably do this already, but if not, you should be.