I had a hell of a time passing the third Trial of the Gods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. If you don’t already know, they’re one-shot trials that you must fight in, outside of the normal battles, bringing only your canine companion Charlie, and you must complete various objectives to pass the trial. You can try as many times as you like, but only once per night, and if you fail you must come back another night. That means passing another day, another mission, and several tasks each time you want to try again.

The earlier trials are fairly straightforward, and while the objective for the Trial of Hyppus is not difficult to understand, the mechanics in play can make it quite challenging, regardless of your player level.

You have four turns to take out sixteen demons and you must survive.

The problem is that the trial features a new thrall called the Dark Legion, which splits every time it is attacked into multiple versions. However, they can also pass this on to the other demons, splitting them into multiple versions, as well. Imagine water dripping onto Gremlins and a bunch of clones popping out, only here they’re not fuzzy or cute. And before you know it you’re facing an endless swarm of demons with very little resources.

Tips to beat the Trial of Hyppus

Marvels Midnight Suns character lineup with forge in background.

The trick is to take them out early enough that they don’t duplicate too much, but not so early that you can’t surpass the 16-kill limit. Reinforcement hounds do show up midway through the battle to get you some quick kills, but that also means you’ll need to use your available cards to take them out — so you have to get creative.

Since it took me a while to beat this trial, I figured I’d share some tips that might help others out:

  • Use cards with knockback to push the one-shot enemies into each other and achieve multiple kills with one attack.
  • Use all of your quick cards first, preferably on easy-kill enemies to get free attacks.
  • AOE damage is good here, but it doesn’t do much against the larger enemies so keep that in mind.
  • Level up your cards before going into the fight.
  • Add mods to all of your equipped cards.
  • Bring combat items with you or craft them at the Item Bench beforehand. I always bring the Battlefield Scanner with me, which allows you to draw 2 cards free at any time. Blessed Blade is also good, which gives your attack cards Critical for the rest of the mission.

Here are some other quick notes to consider. When the battle starts, take out the hounds first because they die in one shot, then lower the health of one of the Dark Legion units, as much as possible. The lower their health, the lower the collective health when it splits into multiple versions.

If and when Charlie goes down, wait for the revive card to appear. It’s inevitable because the bigger demons hit hard and they often bully one unit — either you or Charlie.

Finally, make sure you have some of the Hunter’s healing ability cards in your deck, you’re going to need them.

Keep trying, and know that you are probably going to fail a few times before you beat the trial. Don’t get frustrated. It took me about ten or twelve tries and I had to alter my strategies each time. The tips above helped me prevail.