This time we’re taking a look at the My Little Sister (1) quest, which has you gathering a white thread.

Generally, you can use the collection records option – visible from the Start menu – to find which age items can be collected in (you have to be in the guild hall to see it). The problem is, if you’ve never scavenged the item before the records menu is useless. Worse yet, your Tenko will not be able to collect items on a scavenger run that you haven’t previously found in the world. In other words, you need to actually pick up a white thread before you can take advantage of those perks.

Toukiden Mission Slay the Manhunter

The white thread must be severed from a ManhunterThere are a lot of different missions that have you fighting a Manhunter, but the first time you’ll encounter it in single player is at the end of chapter 1. I recommend playing Slay the Manhunter mission which has you fighting a Manhunter in the Age of Grace. That being said, any mission where you fight a Manhunter will do.

Toukiden Slayer Record Manhunter

Here are the other quests in the series: