I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time playing this game and I love it.

Toukiden - Turtle Soup mission start

Up until now, it’s been pretty easy completing the side quests as I focus on each mission. A lot of the materials necessary to finish the quests are accrued over time. I noticed however that it took me a surprisingly long time to gather three helmet crests, which is the goal for the Sea of Junk (1) quest in Toukiden.

Toukiden - Sea of Junk quest details

Generally, you can use the collection records option – visible from the Start menu – to find which age items can be collected in (you have to be in the guild hall to see it). The problem is, if you’ve never scavenged the item before the records menu is useless. Worse yet, your Tenko will not be able to collect items on a scavenger run that you haven’t previously found in the world. In other words, you need to actually pick up a helmet crest before you can take advantage of those perks.

Toukiden - helmet crest collected

Needless to say, it leaves you between a rock and a hard place. I took it upon myself to farm for the three helmet crests just so I could finish off the damn quest and get it out of the way. They can be found in the Age of Honor. I farmed all of my crests on the Turtle Soup mission, which can be found in the multiplayer guild hall. As far as I’m aware, if you collect all of the items the gathering locations will not respawn. This means you have to reload the mission after you’ve collected everything on a level. It’s also worth noting if you fail a mission by letting the timer run out, or by dying twice then you will lose any items you collected – just be careful and you’ll be fine.

Toukiden - Turtle Soup mission details

The few that I found were hidden so I had to use my eye of truth ability to find concealed item pickup locations. This is probably because helmet crests are a level 5 rarity item.

If you didn’t know this already, you can access the multiplayer stone and select “single player” and it will take you to a single player instance of the online game mode where you can access all the alternate missions. The beauty of it is that you are actually offline playing by yourself, so it’s great if you’re an anti-social gamer like me or want to quickly farm shit while playing the online missions.

Toukiden - single player online missions select

That’s it for now! If you find a more efficient way to collect them feel free to share!

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