An update has been released for Toukiden which includes two crossover DLC missions featuring Soul Sacrifice content. To get the update, open Toukiden on the Vita homescreen and tap the blue refresh button. You should see an update icon appear in the top left, after which you need to download and install the update. Any game saves created or upgraded to version 1.01 will no longer work with an older version of the game. In other words, you can go up but you cannot go back down!

Toukiden Update

The DLC missions include a fight with a Cerberus alone, and another fight with a Cerberus and a Chtonian Fiend.

Toukiden Mission - Hell's Guard Dog

Toukiden Mission - Dogs of War

To access the new DLC – after you download and install the update – interact with the multiplayer stone either from your player home or the village. Then select one of the lobbies – online multiplayer if you want to play online with others or single player if you want to play the multiplayer missions by yourself. Then access the mission counter and select the “DLC” option where you will see the new missions. You may or may not have other DLC from a pre-order like I do.

Toukiden Multiplayer Stone

Have fun slayers! Thank you to Tecmo Koei for Toukiden and Sony for the Soul Sacrifice content. According to the official TK social accounts, more DLC is on the way soon! Fuck yeah.