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Briley’s Weekend Haunts [July 13-14]

Ah! The fucking Steam Summer Sale is here! It’s that wonderful time of year (and there are two) where gamers, geeks and nerds alike go apeshit over the crazy sales. Many people complain that they will probably never play the games they purchase, and I definitely understand. There are a lot of games in my Steam library that I have...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [June 8-9]

Guild Wars 2

Life often catches up with you, that much we all know to be true. Lately, between working my ass off and spending time with those I love I haven’t had many chances to do what I enjoy- which is play video games. It happens to most of us, eventually you become a responsible adult, and you run out of time...


Vulgamification [Humble Bundle 8]: A bundle of joy and then some

Humble Indie Bundle 8

I’m sure there’s going to be a million different reviews of the games included in Humble Bundle 8, that’s a given. I mean, you can get the entire pack of seven games (five + two bonus titles) for merely 6 bucks. Hell yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about. Of course, one of the biggest issues with a lot of...


Vulgamification [Bioshock Infinite]: Better late than never…

Bioshock Infinite Light of Day

Bioshock Infinite is everything you want a story focused video game to be. Forget for a moment the fact that it’s a first person shooter, that doesn’t even matter. When you reach those final seconds of the game, with your heart pounding in your chest, sweating profusely from the sheer veracity of the moment the rest of the world seems...


Tales of Illyria is the shit, yo

Tales of Illyria

I had the privilege of writing game content for a video game. I know, I can’t believe someone hired me either. Of course, I was only one of many writers on the team, but I promise I wrote some pretty cool shit. The game is finally available, and it’s pretty badass. Unfortunately, it’s only playable on Android devices at the...


Empty promises and some La Vida Loca

My intention was to self host this blog somewhere, but I’ll be perfectly honest- I don’t feel like paying the hosting fees. Eventually, I’ll have to give in and cough up some money, but for right now, I’m good. Yes, I use a metric fuckton of commas, get over it. That being said, the site has a pretty shitty domain name...


Briley’s must-have PSP titles: Yes, you care

PSP 3000 in silver color

I’m always on the go. Most of my trips can be attributed to my current academic career. The community college I attend has several different campus locations spaced out within my area. Between commuting to classes, and jumping back and forth between my girlfriend’s place and mine, it’s safe to say I don’t get to stay in one location for...


What the fuck is Vulgamer?

Armed with a crude sense of humor, some pretty vulgar language and a keen eye for awesome games, I’m here to bring you some pretty rad video game content (can’t believe I just fucking used the word rad). If you happen to be faint of heart then you should probably visit one of those other gaming sites out there. Don’t...