The sheer amount of mobile games out there is absurd. That being said, it’s not often that I actually come across the game I play in my free time. Most of the mobile games I install I play for a little while to kill time while I’m away from home or traveling on the road. Other than that, I never touch them unless I’m totally bored.

Beastie Bay is an incredibly charming game from Kairosoft, the same company responsible for collosal successes like Game Dev Story, Dungeon Village, and more. Normally they specialize in strategy simulation games for mobile that take advantage of cute yet engaging graphics. Speaking of Dungeon Village, that’s another game I actually play a lot in my downtime. It should tell you a little something about Kairosoft and their other titles.

Beastie Bay screenshot

The name “Beastie Bay” is quite well, silly. I assure you though that the game is top notch. It borrows from Pokemon, and meshes the mechanics with the same Kairosoft features that made the aforementioned games stand out. Essentially, you’re stranded on an island and your job is to capture beasts, explore and survive. As you progress through the game, you have the option to capture beasts just like in Pokemon. Before you can capture them with bait (instead of Pokeballs), you must weaken them by lowering their health with other beasts in your party. It works just like Pokemon, and battles play out in a turn based fashion. You and the enemy take turns attacking each other, until one of the parties has been knocked out cold.

While a large portion of the game is spent battling Pokemon style with other monsters, that’s not the point to it. Inbetween you must explore portions of the island that appear in order to expand your land reach. You must also build houses for your pets, visitors and manage supplies like lumber or food.

Eventually, tourists will begin visiting your island earning you more gold and resources. The game moves from an action adventure type simulation, to one of intense resource and time management. That being said, it’s always a lot of fun to play. I’m really enjoying the Pokemon style battles and monster collection mechanics!

Beastie Bay Pokemon fighting

To retierate, Beastie Bay is a brilliant mashup of strategy simulation games and Pokemon. I’m not fucking joking, the game is awesome.

It’s free on Android, but it does feature in-game ads. Also the screen rotation is locked to portrait unless you purchase the premium upgrade for $3.99, which also happens to remove ads- go figure. I highly recommend trying it out if you have the opportunity though, you won’t regret it.