So, if you can fucking believe it, Driveclub PS Plus Edition is finally here. In case you haven’t heard, it released on June 25.

Funny story though, Sony accidentally launched the game early and then the devs pulled it again saying the servers weren’t ready. What the fuck are they doing with the servers anyway?

How is it?

I’m just going to throw this out there, it’s alright. Compared to how long we’ve been waiting for the free portion of the game, it’s nothing special.

Does that mean it’s a bad game? No, definitely not. There’s some good, clean driving to be had here.

I have to say though, goddamn this game is pretty.

Driveclub bumper to bumper

What’s included?

Before we jump into the meat of my Vulgamification — read: review bitches — you’re probably wondering what comes with the free version of DriveClub. Well, I’m about to tell ya.

  • Every feature from the main game is available
    • Standard races online and off
    • Additional challenges
    • Touring events
    • Customization
    • Replays
    • Photo Mode
    • Some more shit
  • Design your own races and choose options like time of day, weather and more
  • Race on all 13 tracks in India, just one of six locations in the main game
  • 15 cars for your garage
  • Unlock 27 PlayStation trophies, including the Platinum — no purchase required

The total install size is 14.7GB, so you might want to free up some space unless you’ve upgraded your HDD already. I didn’t, so I ended up having to play the Cupid Shuffle with my digital game collection.

If you decide you want to buy the full game, you’ll need to pony up $24.99 USD, £19.99 GBP, or $27.49 CAD. With the upgrade, you get “an extra 40+ cars, 65 tracks, and a vast single player campaign.”

Driveclub sexy blue cars

So, should I download it or not?

The game is free so fuck it, I say download it even if you’re just a tiny bit curious. It is a pretty good racing game, but it’s not my style. Does that mean you’re going to feel the same way? Hell no, don’t take my word for it give it a try.

It drives like an arcade-style racer, but some of the mechanics are much more serious (?) and sim-like I guess you could say. You get penalized for colliding with other vehicles and veering off the main track. If you stay off the track for too long — you have three seconds once the timer pops up — the game will reset your car automatically.

There is vehicular damage, but it’s not Burnout style. That is, you won’t be wrecking the hell out of your car, it just gets a few scrapes and blemishes.

I haven’t been able to play the online modes yet, as the online stuff is still being rolled out in the free PS Plus version.

Personally, I’m going to leave it on my hard drive until I need space for something else. I might play it occasionally, but I’m not interested in picking up the full version, at least not right now.

I have my eyes on The Elder Scrolls Online at the moment, but that’s if I can sell my body to make enough cash for it. Why the fuck does everything have to be so expensive these days?

Anyway, feel free to shoot the shit below if you have any comments or if you’d like to share your experience with the game.