I see a lot of these posts on Reddit and all over the internet pretty much, figured I’d weigh in and show off what’s on my Vita.

The first screen — which isn’t pictured here — includes all the standard apps that come pre-installed on the Vita like Trophies, Content Manager, Settings, Browser and the PS Store. It’s not interesting so I didn’t include a screenshot.

The next homescreen includes most of my PS Vita specific games.


For those wondering about the games I have installed on my 64GB card, here’s a gallery that includes each bubble from the first homescreen expanded.

Moving on, we have the second homescreen which plays home to most of my downloaded PSN games and a few others.


Just like the first homescreen, here’s a gallery that includes all of those bubbles expanded.

Finally, here’s the last homescreen which is dedicated to PSP games.


Fellow PS Vita lovers, what do you think of my setup? What do you have on your own device?

If there’s an interest I can whip up a full list of the games I have installed along with the free space I have available — this would be helpful to anyone thinking about picking up the 64GB memory card.