During an interview with Kotaku — sorry I don’t like to go there either, but they broke the story — Shuhei Yoshida talked about the upcoming DLC for Bloodborne. If what he says is true, it sounds like the DLC is going to be an expansion similar to what the Dark Souls games have received.

If for some reason you don’t know already, Yoshida is the head of Sony’s PlayStation studios.

What’s up with the Bloodborne DLC?

He wouldn’t explain what the DLC is about or what it’s going to introduce, but he did say that it’s “super-exciting.”

“We are not talking specifics,” he explained.

Although Yoshida did go on to say that the DLC — whatever it ends up being — is going to be expansive.

“It’s a quite sizable effort. We will talk about more specifics sometime later this year.”

When asked when the DLC might launch, he said, “I’d like to play it this year.”

Does that mean it’s going to release later this year? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.