I try to stay away from what I call “hotspots” as much as possible. Hotspots, or at least my definition of the word, are topics guaranteed to reel in a broad audience generally consisting of enraged individuals.

When producing content, I do my best not to segregate on levels of race, gender or even sexuality. In fact, I do my best to stay away from topics involving those issues entirely. No, it’s not because I don’t care about those issues nor is it because I’m insenstive. I’m not blind to them either. I just realize there are specific avenues where such topics are relevant, and I am not qualified to moderate any sort of discussion on the matter. Therefore, I keep  my opinions to myself and do my best to keep the topics I cover away from such elements.

You can scream day and night about that shit if you want, but all I have to say is get over it. A site focused on video games is not the ideal place to have serious discussions about these topics.

However, I came across this news and I felt it was particularly important to share. Keep in mind, I’ve done my best to keep any and all personal opinions away from the content itself, and don’t go pointing out the shit I said above- because that has nothing to do with it. I ask that you read the following news, and digest it. If you’d like to make a comment about your reflections go ahead, but know before going into it that I’m not going to engage in any heated discussion or debates myself.

Dragon Age Inquisition Morrigan

A writer from Bioware, David Gaider and his reflections on the current state of the industry

“There’s a perception that the gaming industry is only made up of straight white men, and while they’re certainly the majority, that’s not to say there aren’t many other people comprising the industry as well.”

It’s definitely a revelation of sorts that many involved in the industry need to come to grips with. Gaider believes that game development companies have a responsibility to broaden their horizons in terms of “viewpoints”. Of course, he also recognizes that this can only be achieved if people of more diverse crowds begin applying for open positions with these companies- not that they aren’t already doing so.

“Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that it’s even a question, or one where the answer might be, ‘yes,’ but it’s important to speak up even so. Someone who doesn’t conform to the perceived norm might think they don’t have a chance of getting into the industry–a gay person might think, ‘oh, there’s no point in applying. I don’t want to work in a frat house.'”

Gaider was also keen on pointing out the fact that the writing teams for the Dragon Age games are comprised mostly of women. This allows the series to have a more open approach on specific topics and social viewpoints.

To reiterate, I think Gaider is trying to say in his own way that no one should be discouraged from applying for jobs in the gaming industry, despite what statistics might say. He’s also calling for other game development companies to diversify their employee base.

Via: Gamespot, Source: Gamasutra